Training & Consulting

If you or your organization could benefit from some personalized training, I have you covered.

Let’s meet for a quick video/phone call to talk about your needs.



Yeah, the pandemic happened. And very few people were ready for it. To add to the shock of having to learn a whole new LMS, it looks like remote & distance learning is here to stay. So if you missed the Canvas train, hop aboard! Alex will get you up to speed to be a distance learning champion in no time. From setting up your course to the nitty-gritty ins-and-outs of your gradebook, you’re in good hands.


Go from zero to hero with Camtasia training. If you need to brush up on the basics or learn how to use Camtasia as a full video-editing suite, this training will meet you at your skill level. The future is video, and you don’t want to let your organization get left behind! By the end of this training, you’ll have all the skills you need to create confidently!


The general rule is that your audio is almost always more important than your video. Don’t get tuned out! Learn how to use a Digital Audio Workstation to turn your audio into something that complements your video. Learn the basics of recording, editing, and post-processing using Reaper. The training starts with all the free tools and moves into optional paid plugins to make your audio editing that much easier.




I’m a former teacher who transitioned into Instructional Design. I’m more than happy to set up a 15 minute call for free to see if my insights may be able to help you. If so, we can schedule a paid hour for you to pick my brain about my journey and learn what worked for me. Even though your journey will probably be different, it’s good to learn what to do (and what not to do!)


Whether you want to narrate your own eLearning or get into the business for real, you’ll need to have a plan. Voiceover is rocky to say the least! Like the transition to ID / L&D, we can set up a call to see if you want to do a paid consultation. If so, I am happy to share my journey during that meeting time so you can formulate a better game plan for your own journey into VO!