Multimedia Development

I started a fun series for new voice actors called, Drive Thru VO. I’m a firm believer in micro-learning and edutainment, and this is my attempt at making that happen using Envato Elements, Camtasia, and my own VO skills. In this blog, you’ll find both the video and a BTS look into my process!
My university puts out a “Tip Of the Week,” and [yours truly] does the voiceover and video. Here is an example of using Ally, the accessibility checker, in the LMS. I try to keep in mind that shorter is often better for these types of tutorials. Contact me if this style of video can help YOUR business!
The college needed a quick turnaround for this promo piece, but all they had was an idea and a loose script. I used Envato Elements stock footage & music inside of Camtasia to create a video for them to use on their site. And the voiceover was done by me in my home studio!
When all you get is a script and a few screenshots, what do you do? Animate the assets available in Camtasia! Also, pull in a few icons from Icon Monster! Reinventing the wheel is NOT always necessary to get a good, clean, and usable final product!