Storyline Projects

Practice with Interactions

I wanted to get a new Storyline project here on the portfolio since the other two are… well, not great. I played around with some interactions, chose a relevant and timely topic, and sought feedback from peers. Read a little more about it here, and click the picture to view the project.

Timeline & Layer Practice

This was inspired by an eLearning Heroes challenge. In essence, I wanted to create animations that revealed layers of the timeline. It was tricky for sure! The hardest part was having the other buttons revert back to normal states and not remain selected. But I learned a lot by doing this one.

My First Storyline Project

I decided to combine my love of GSuite and their products with my love of voiceover work. I received a little feedback from some Reddit friends, and that ultimately led to one of the quiz questions being a hotspot question rather than just a regular multiple-choice.

Multimedia Development

Mixed Media with Camtasia

A video I helped create for the esteemed company, Learning Carton. Chris and I worked very closely together on this video. His knowledge and vision along with my Camtasia expertise came together to create a video for his business to help people understand the basics of screencasting in a 1-minute video. Oh, and that’s my voiceover, too!

Motion Graphics with Camtasia

When all you get is a script and a few screenshots, what do you do? Animate the assets available in Camtasia! Also, pull in a few icons from Icon Monster!

Stock Assets

A client needed a quick turnaround for an advertisement, but all they had was a single slide and a script. I used Storyblocks stock footage & music inside of Camtasia to create a video for them to use on their site. And the voiceover was done by me in my home studio!

Tip Of The Week

My university puts out a “Tip Of the Week” every week, and yours truly does the voiceover and video creation for it. Here is an example of using Ally, the accessibility checker, in our LMS, Canvas. I always try to keep in mind what is essential and that shorter is often better for these types of tutorials.

Reshaping a Tutorial

A client provided a tutorial of an application with some basic narration, and I re-edited the video and added narration to guide the end user more effectively.

WordPress / Web Development


Yep! The site you’re currently on is one that I designed myself. I use an array of WordPress plugins and prefer to use Elementor page builder to build my sites. It’s fast, flexible, and easily updateable.

Alex Mitts VO

My voiceover portfolio is one that I also designed. Centered around portfolio needs, I also used Elementor and WordPress to create this. This particular site was a little trickier as I had to harness a lot of HTML/CSS tricks to get it just the way I wanted it!

Loki & Co.

An eCommerce store I developed for a colleague using WooCommerce. This project got my client’s store up and running quickly and allows her to update inventory on the backend, manage orders, run sales, etc. quickly and easily.



I love Camtasia. Like, a lot. Like, so much, that I regularly put out tutorials on YouTube whenever I think of something cool I want to share with the world.


I'm always trying to dive deeper into Storyline. It's such a robust tool! Accompany me on my journey as I build, discover, create, etc. with Storyline!


Professional Grade

I continually spend/have spent many hours receiving voiceover coaching across a variety of genres from coaches who work in the voiceover industry.

Cost Savings

Having an ID that doubles as a voice artist (VA) is both convenient and cost-effective! Ask about bundling VO with eLearning dev to reduce cost.


I have a vocal isolation booth, a TLM 103 microphone, and an SSL2+ interface. All audio delivered will be mastered, so your files will be ready to use immediately.

For a more in-depth look at my voiceover work, please visit alexmittsvo.com.

Have a listen to my commercial demo!