Storyline Projects

Drag & Drop

What better way to showcase a drag & drop interaction than by pairing it with something you love? This 1-slide interaction utilizes drag/drop, a score variable, LOTS of layers and triggers, and lets the learner have fun along the way! More fun if you’re an ATLA fan!


Another common interaction I see a lot are tabbed interactions. So I asked myself, “What do I LOVE that lends itself to something like this?” And with a little brainstorming, I found a good match to go along with my five tabs. Another great learning experience!


Inspired by an eLearning Heroes challenge. I wanted to create animations that revealed layers of the timeline. It was tricky for sure! The hardest part was having the other buttons revert back to normal states and not remain selected. I learned a lot by doing this one.


Reshaping a

Part of the CSUB Tip of the Week series. This is a quick screencast created from what was once a document showing faculty how to implement Class Climate into their Canvas courses for easy student feedback.

Screencast as
a Service

If your knowledge base is lacking… Or your users need some tutorials for your software… MittsTech has you covered. Here is the promo video I made for my main focus as an instructional designer: Screencasting as a Service!


An instructor wanted something to distribute to students to get them up and running with Zoom. With a little elbow grease, I created this for her to share with her class. It’s to the point, and gives them exactly what they need!

Multimedia Development

Drive Thru

I started a fun series for new voice actors called, Drive Thru VO. I’m a firm believer in micro-learning and edutainment, and this is my attempt at making that happen using Envato Elements, Camtasia, and my own VO skills. In this blog, you’ll find both the video and a BTS look into my process!

Tip of
the Week

My university puts out a “Tip Of the Week,” and [yours truly] does the voiceover and video. Here is an example of using Ally, the accessibility checker, in the LMS. I try to keep in mind that shorter is often better for these types of tutorials. Contact me if this style of video can help YOUR business!


The college needed a quick turnaround for this promo piece, but all they had was an idea and a loose script. I used Envato Elements stock footage & music inside of Camtasia to create a video for them to use on their site. And the voiceover was done by me in my home studio!


When all you get is a script and a few screenshots, what do you do? Animate the assets available in Camtasia! Also, pull in a few icons from Icon Monster! Reinventing the wheel is NOT always necessary to get a good, clean, and usable final product!



I love Camtasia. Like, a lot. So much, that I regularly put out tutorials on YouTube whenever I think of something I want to share with the world.


I’m always want to dive deeper into Storyline. It’s such a robust tool! Accompany me on my journey as I build, discover, and create w/Storyline!



I continually spend/have spent many hours receiving VO coaching across genres from coaches who work in the VO industry. Give your learners the narration they deserve!


Having an ID that doubles as a voice artist (VA) is both convenient, time saving, and cost-effective! Ask about bundling VO with eLearning dev to reduce cost.


I have a StudioBricks One Plus VO Edition isolation booth, a TLM 103 microphone, and a MOTU M2 interface. All audio delivered will be mastered, so your files will be ready to use immediately.