This is done in one of two ways.

  1. You can either set up a testing environment for your platform for us to use OR give us a test account to use in order to grab footage. There are more benefits to having us screencast it ourselves as mouse data is captured as metadata.

That means that we can do useful things with the cursor in the editing process (change its size, add some click effects, etc.). Those features are often requested as it helps the learner stay on track.

  1. You can send in your own footage for us to edit. This is a pretty common option since you are most likely your own subject matter expert. You know where to go and how to get there in the fastest way possible. We also encourage you to add your own off-the-cuff narration while doing this. Don’t worry, we clean it up later for your final product!

Feel free to set up a video call with us to go over best practices on how to do this in order to save everyone time!